Who We Are

About Alex Bryant Ministries

In July 2016, Alex was inspired to create a video about the pain and confusion he felt after the killing of five police officers in Dallas. This took place after the killing of several unarmed black men across the country by police. The video was shared on Alex’s personal Facebook and viewed over 47 million times. 

Alex felt called to begin speaking on racism, reconciliation, and discipleship to the body of Christ. His wife of 25 years, Angela, joined him in this calling, and Alex Bryant Ministries was born in October 2019. The Lord has used the Bryants’ experience as an interracial couple with five biracial children as they share the power of reconciliation at businesses, churches, and events across the country. Besides speaking, the ministry has also grown to include a book, Let’s Start Again, and The Way We See It podcast.

About Alex & Angela Bryant

Meet the Bryants

Alex and Angela Bryant grew up in the same small hometown of Macomb, IL and have been friends since grade school. They began dating in college, have been married for 25 years, and now have five children – 4 boys and 1 girl. The Bryants enjoy spending their family time on movie nights and card games, along with church and sports.

In addition to serving in ministry roles, Alex has a B.A. in Business Management and recently completed his M.A. in Leadership & Theology. He spent nine years in sales with a Fortune 50 Company, and has 25 years of business, church, and community leadership experience. 

Angela has a B.A. in Public Communication & Human Relations and an M.A. in Counseling. She worked in the mental health field before going into the ministry. Together, the Bryants have been in full-time ministry since 2003 in many different capacities. Alex and Angela want to make disciples of Jesus, and this is the mission and heart behind everything they do. 

Our Mission & Vision

It’s Time To Make Disciples

MISSION: To help as many people as possible have a life changing and intimately personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We strive to teach people God’s Word and to help them see how they can apply His principles to their lives. It is our goal to make Jesus known and to lift Him up so that He might draw all men and women unto himself.

VISION: We have been called to work in full time vocational ministry with the specific goal of fulfilling the command of the Great Commission – to go into all the world and make DISCIPLES. We believe that first being reconciled to God, then within one’s own self, and finally being reconciled to our fellow man, is all part of becoming a disciple. We minister to people’s mental, emotional, spiritual, and relational needs with practical preaching, teaching, and writing.

Disciples make disciples. In addition to the lives that we touch with the message of reconciliation, our goal is to train and release 100 disciples into full time ministry before we meet Jesus.  Developing leaders to advance God’s kingdom into future generations is a vital component of Alex Bryant Ministries.

“It is our goal to make Jesus known and to lift Him up so that He might draw all men and women unto himself.”

Our Core Values

The Pillars of Our Ministry


The Bible is our ultimate source of TRUTH. In order to ensure the disciples we train, teach, and mentor are true followers of Christ, we will teach them principles that are found in the Bible. These Biblical principles have been proven to stand the test of time.


Jesus walked on the earth and lived a perfect life. His standard and call for us is to be Holy. We believe that everything we do should be done with the highest quality and most precise attention to detail. We will remember everything that we do is to be done for the creator of the universe and the standard should always be excellence.

Continuous Improvement:

In our journey to grow and mature, mistakes will surely be made. While it is our goal to strive for excellence, we endeavor to learn from any and all mistakes that we will inevitably make, and we will be committed to continuous improvement in order to avoid making the same mistakes over and over again. Win or learn is the goal.

Hard Work:

Giving 100% of our effort is the only acceptable standard that we will live by. It takes no talent to give full effort. This will be expected of us and anyone that we influence.


While acknowledging that some things in life will come to us after we press on during the struggle, we will always strive to push ourselves and will be committed to never quitting or giving up.


We will always remember that we are on a journey, and our journey includes being a part of other people’s lives. On this journey, we endeavor to find, train, and release leaders into ministry, giving them a platform to use their gifts and talents for God in keeping with our mission to make disciples.

WAnt a Sneak Peek Inside

Let’s Start Again

Learn how to engage in the race conversation with courage and grace


“I have known Alex and Angela since college.  They are the real deal!  Their passion for healing racial division in this country is contagious. I will do all I can to support them on their mission.”


“Alex and Angela Bryant are God’s gift to the church (and society at large) in this hour. They are uniquely equipped to be a voice of honesty and hope; to speak the truth with grace and compassion. They’re writing and speaking is laced with biblical truth, challenging insight, and practical wisdom. Most importantly, they are incredible people with humble hearts who simply want to reconcile people to God and each other.”


“Alex and Angela are DOERS of the Word. They showed me a completely different and new way of life… They entertained some ridiculous conversations, while also answering valid questions I had about Christianity & Jesus. They were patient, kind, never made me feel judged or pitied and at the same time spoke TRUTH, LIFE, and LOVE to me… I was an “agnostic strung out junkie” and they invited me into their lives anyway…”


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alex Bryant over the past six years. We have worked together in ministry and collaborated for online projects, with the sole purpose of helping people overcome struggles and bridging gaps. Alex is a tremendous example of courageous leadership and has a strong belief in the human spirit’s power to overcome every obstacle. As a leader, he challenged and inspired me to be more, do more, and live more…”


“Alex & Angela Bryant have the best experience when it comes to reconciliation and diversity. Being a mixed couple, they have a unique ability to speak to both sides of the discussion and bring unity. They offer an atmosphere of grace, laughter, and challenge that brings about lasting transformation.”


“… the Bryants came into my life and shook my foundation for my good. I didn’t know how much of my past was connected to them. Through them I was able to forgive myself for actions I committed…and start again. It’s always good to have an inner circle of people that help you to rest and start again in your God given purpose.”