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Powerful, Life-Changing Conversations

Life-Changing Conversations

Reconciliation matters to God

We teach you how to deliver the message of hope in a way that changes the lives of the people you serve, right where you are. Let’s address the hard topics of our world with boldness, humor, and the healing power of Christ.

Where We Share

The Good News


Real reconciliation begins with the power of God. We love spending time with the body of Christ because the church has the answers the world needs. At churches, we address topics like racial unity, self-worth and discipleship, while challenging believers to reconcile. Whether you’re a large or small church, we’d love to hear from you.


Are you a business owner or part of a company looking for a trusted voice to speak with your employees? We understand the health of your company depends on the relational and emotional health of your employees. In our 4-hour training designed for businesses, we dig into the topics of diversity, reconciliation, and more in a workplace setting. The only requirement? That everyone comes open and willing to learn.

Conferences & Workshops

From marriage workshops to youth conferences, we love being a part of your special events. We can tailor our conversations on discipleship, reconciliation, and relationships to compliment your next event. Reach out to hear how we can partner together and create an unforgettable time of conversation and encouragement.

Speaking Topics

Racial Reconciliation

What is the right way to engage in conversations on racism? And how should we address racial insensitivity and ignorance? You’ll learn how to discuss these topics with grace and promote unity instead of division across racial lines.

Marriage Reconciliation

“What God has joined together, let no man separate.” We hear these words at the start of our marriages, but what happens when life gets difficult? Through the work of reconciliation and a commitment to Christ, we believe all marriages can be strengthened and broken relationships can be restored.

Self Reconciliation

You can’t usher reconciliation into the world without being reconciled to yourself. That’s why our teaching is centered on the principles of counseling and discipleship. You’ll learn why becoming more like Christ and sharing His love should be the ultimate goal for our lives.

How to Start Again

This training is the basis for our book, Let’s Start Again. The issue of racial division is a problem that only God can solve through radical heart change. We’ll share what that change can look like when we’re willing and open to be a part of the conversation.

Spiritual Formation & Discipleship

We want to help as many people as possible have a life-changing, intimately personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Spiritual formation and discipleship play a big part in this. We’ll share how to introduce people to God, and also encourage mature believers to continue growing in their faith.

Men & Women's Events

Whether you’re hosting a men’s breakfast or a women’s retreat, our conversations can be shaped around the issues that men and women face in today’s world.
“Let’s get intentional about building relationships that cross race and culture.”



“Alex and Angela Bryant are God’s gift to the church (and society at large) in this hour. They are uniquely equipped to be a voice of honesty and hope; to speak the truth with grace and compassion. They’re writing and speaking is laced with biblical truth, challenging insight, and practical wisdom. Most importantly, they are incredible people with humble hearts who simply want to reconcile people to God and each other.”


“I have known Alex and Angela since college.  They are the real deal!  Their passion for healing racial division in this country is contagious. I will do all I can to support them on their mission.”


“Alex and Angela are DOERS of the Word. They showed me a completely different and new way of life… They entertained some ridiculous conversations, while also answering valid questions I had about Christianity & Jesus. They were patient, kind, never made me feel judged or pitied and at the same time spoke TRUTH, LIFE, and LOVE to me… I was an “agnostic strung out junkie” and they invited me into their lives anyway…”


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alex Bryant over the past six years. We have worked together in ministry and collaborated for online projects, with the sole purpose of helping people overcome struggles and bridging gaps. Alex is a tremendous example of courageous leadership and has a strong belief in the human spirit’s power to overcome every obstacle. As a leader, he challenged and inspired me to be more, do more, and live more…”


“Alex & Angela Bryant have the best experience when it comes to reconciliation and diversity. Being a mixed couple, they have a unique ability to speak to both sides of the discussion and bring unity. They offer an atmosphere of grace, laughter, and challenge that brings about lasting transformation.”


“… the Bryants came into my life and shook my foundation for my good. I didn’t know how much of my past was connected to them. Through them I was able to forgive myself for actions I committed…and start again. It’s always good to have an inner circle of people that help you to rest and start again in your God given purpose.”

About Alex & Angela Bryant

Meet the Bryants

For Alex and Angela Bryant, the heart of their ministry is simple. They focus on fulfilling the vision of Matthew 28:19-20 – To go and make disciples of all the nations.

Alex and Angela Bryant have served in ministry since 2003, working with young adults and youth groups, and serving as lead pastors. In 2016, God inspired Alex to post a now-viral video about the killing of five police officers in Dallas, TX. From there, Alex felt called to speak on the issues of racism and discipleship to the body of Christ. Angela, his wife of 25 years, joined him in this calling, and Alex Bryant Ministries was born. As an interracial couple with five biracial children, the Lord has used the Bryants to share the powerful message of reconciliation across the country.

From small rural communities to inner-city St. Louis, their experiences help them engage with people from all different backgrounds. Alex and Angela believe they’re called to make disciples, and God doesn’t care what those disciples look like or where they come from.

Today, the Bryants use their platform to speak and share the hope and love of Christ. They also released a book on racial unity called Let’s Start Again. With humor and passion, they speak to black and white, young and old, rich and poor with boldness. They believe with God’s strength the Church can experience reconciliation with God, ourselves, and others.

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